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Social Responsibility is our commitment to practising solidarity as members of the community in which we work and as members of society in general. We therefore set aside 10% of our profits for activities to aid society through the Eroski Foundation, thus generating wealth and contributing to social well-being and global sustainable development.

The Eroski Foundation plans its activities on an international scale and also on a level close to its customers, to encourage a healthy, environmentally friendly and solidarity-minded lifestyle and as a channel for developing their social awareness. As a socially responsible company we are also committed to the Global Compact Principles for respect and defence of human rights and the environment, and to the 2015 Millennium Goals in their aim to contribute to social well-being and the eradication of poverty.

Advances 2003-2004 2002 2003 2004
For a better world
Active involvement Donation to Social Action (thousands of euros) 2.083,47 1.526,20* 1.706,44
Transmission of values Consumer campaigns (thousands of euros) 4.485,73 5.138,47 6.021,18
Fair Trade sales 120.200 180.303 101.779*
Food donations (Food Bank) 125.183kg 158.242kg 158.634kg
Product Donation programme funds 480.809 euros 802.311 1.187.543
Sales of products processed by disabled people (twice-yearly campaign) 16.934,32 euros 5.951 84.779,83
Special Employment Centre services 101.061,27 127.112,38 136.458,03
* Data affected by Consum S.Coop. leaving the sphere of action of the Eroski Group.

We will keep on improving... by feeling we are part of society and actively participating in its development through our business activity and the activities of the Eroski Foundation, based on dedicating 10% of our profits to society.

For a better world

Active participation

The Eroski Foundation divides its work between Social Action, signing collaboration agreements with tertiary sector organisations, awarenessraising activities, and annual calls for Research Grants and Subsidies and for International Cooperation Intervention Financing Projects for the promotion and development of cooperatives, fair trade, and training and empowerment of the vulnerable population.

We actively collaborate with social, economic, cultural and environmental development through our activity and our solidarity-orientated participation in society. The Eroski Foundation therefore backs various NGOs, either through direct financial contributions or by establishing collaboration agreements for carrying out specific activities.

Agreements signed with NGOs in 2004

Intermon-Oxfam. Sponsorship of the tenth Solidarity Festival, "A Day for Hope" in 47 towns throughout Spain with the slogan "Women in Development" and which was attended by 262,800 people. The Eroski Foundation made a contribution of 20,000 euros.

Médecins sans Frontières. Collaboration with the "Emergency Fund" for action against natural disasters, with a contribution of 9,000 euros.

UNICEF. The "Education Now" campaign for protecting the Right to Education in the Third World, raising funds for the purchase of school equipment for girls in 25 Third World countries. The amount contributed by the Eroski Foundation was 25,000 euros.

The Red Cross. Emergency Humanitarian Campaign to help those affected by the Asian tsunami disaster, with a donation in our name of 15,000 euros.

WWF/Adena. Support campaign for raising society´s awareness of the climate change, offering proposals for improvement at work, school, the home and transport, with a contribution of 30,000 euros.

Children of the World Federation. Product Donation programme where toys, clothing and shoes for a value of 894,000 euros were donated to be sent to less favoured countries, mainly Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Russia and Bolivia, and also for the street children of Brazil and Cuba and Africa.

The Eroski Foundation develops and supports international cooperation aid programmes, focusing its efforts in accordance with the 2015 Millennium Goals established as part of the Millennium Declaration approved at the United Nations meeting held in New York in 2000. Our Social Action is in accordance with these eight goals, as described in Annex IV, and is geared towards developing initiatives in line with the priorities declared by United Nations for eliminating the FOREIGN DEBT of the least favoured countries, organising a balanced structure of INTERNATIONAL TRADE and pro viding OFFICIAL AID FOR DEVELOPMENT.

Product Donation programme In addition to the Agreement signed with the Children of the World Foundation, the Eroski Foundation has also set up campaigns for Product Donation to other organisations and NGOs, including the Pro-Sahara Solidarity Caravan Coordinator, Unicef, Nuevo Futuro, Apace, Fundación O Belén and Adra. 1,187,543 € in donated products
Member of Intergroup Far East Limited (IFEL) since 1997 IFEL, a group of European consumer cooperatives for the joint management of non-food product purchasing in Asia, created a Social Welfare and Children's Education Fund with the aim of promoting Basic Education for Children. Since its creation it has participated in 5 projects for building schools and setting up education projects in China, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. Amount committed: 250,000 US$

Yearly Call for Financing International Cooperation Intervention Projects

We contribute to enabling less-favoured, marginalised and excluded people from deprived countries to fulfil their basic needs sustainably and by themselves. To do this, we promote justice, equity, respect of human rights and environmental sustainability through Project Financing in three areas: promotion and development of cooperatives, fair trade, and training and empowerment of the vulnerable population.

As a result of the two most recent calls, in 2003 and 2004, 6 projects were started up with a contribution from the Eroski Foundation's of 317,434.85 euros. The donation for the selected projects represented a 45% increase as compared to the years 2001 and 2002.



The type of projects represented depends on their aims. As we are a cooperative, committed to the promotion of healthy, guaranteed trade and with an intensive consumer education and information programme, the cooperation call must include projects on three issues that are coherent with our philosophy:

CEAR Foundation Promotion of Cooperatives Senegal through Micro Credits and Micro Deposits Project for Supporting the Fight against Poverty
COCENFE Training and empowerment Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Training and Integration in the Labour Market for People with Disabilities through the creation of an Underwear Production Workshop.
INTERMÓN-OXFAM Training and empowerment Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Coffee and Sustainable Development for the municipality of Concepción Husta, Huehuetenango
Spanish Federation of Members of Religious Orders(FERS) Training and empowerment Bolivia "Improvement of Living Conditions in the Community of San Lorenzo through the Empowerment of Women and Commercialisation"
Private Catalan Foundation (AKWABA) Training and empowerment Ivory Coast "Social and Work Training for Child Soldiers on the Ivory Coast"
COFADE Trade Foundation Cooperatives and Fair Trade Honduras "Development of Fair Trade Relationships with Craftspersons and Rural Cooperatives with FSC-certified wood".

In acknowledgement of the efforts and investments made by the Eroski Group in favour of sustainable development and a more equal distribution of wealth, in April 2004 we received the Cooperation Award for Sustainable Development,part of the Spanish Section of the 2003-04 European Environment Awards, organised by Fundación Entorno, for the Project "Support for the creation of cooperatives and associations for promoting food safety in Machacos (Kenya). which we carried out in collaboration with the Red Cross.



Annual Call for Research Grants and Subsidies

We collaborate with research in three fields: Bioethics and Business, Nutrition and Health, and Food Safety. The grants or subsidies are awarded annually, extendible to a maximum of three years and endowed with an amount of 6,000 euros. They are aimed for university graduates from Spanish research centres.

In 2004 the centres awarded the grants were the Biology Faculty of the University of Murcia for its study "Improvement in the nutrition of new species of interest in aquaculture: feeding rhythms and diets" in the Nutrition and Health area, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona for its project "New methods for determining microbiological risks in different shopping centre areas", in the Food Safety category. The Bioethics and Nutrition category was declared void as no projects were presented.

Transmission of values

Committed consumers

We maintain our commitment to being a socially responsible company that protects and respects human rights and extends this awareness to the people making up our organisation, our consumers and the organisations with which we collaborate.

The Eroski Foundation´s solidarity effort stems from our direct involvement in promoting consumer awareness, with the aim of joining forces to increase the economic impact and repercussion of solidarity initiatives.

The Eroski Foundation wishes to involve consumers in the cooperation and solidarity activities it carries out at our centres, giving them the opportunity to participate and collaborate. Some of our activities in 2004 were as follows:

World Education Campaign: "Education Now" Campaign coordinated together with UNICEF for collecting funds for promoting programmes for the education of girls in underdeveloped countries, through the sale of calendars, financed by the Eroski Foundation, at all our shops. 60,000 euros were raised.
Product Collection Campaign Two annual campaigns forming part of the agreement with the Spanish Food Bank Federation, consisting of the collection of products donated by the consumers, to which the Eroski Foundation also added a contribution of the same number of kilograms as those of the most-donated product at each collection centre. These goods were distributed amongst the most needy people in each area. Amount collected: 158,634 kg. Over a million kilos have been collected in 8 years of collaboration.
III Fair Trade Campaign: Fair Trade T-shirts Fortnight of information and awareness-raising in collaboration with Intermón-Oxfam regarding consumption of products manufactured in accordance with Fair Trade parameters. This campaign included a programme of commitment with less-favoured countries and support for women victims of gender violence. 45,800 participants contributed 3 euros for each t-shirt bought. The funds raised were destined to both causes.
Emergency Humanitarian Campaign: Special Tsunami Plan Idea Sana EROSKI and the Red Cross organised a fund-raising event with 60,000 calendars being produced, financed by the Eroski Foundation. A net donation of 1 euro was given for each calendar sold. The Foundation also made a donation of 15,000 euros. 119,500 euros were raised.
Idea Sana EROSKI Calendar A solidarity, environmental and food calendar was produced to raise funds for the Reina Sofía Foundation. 300,000 calendars were produced, with 1 euro being raised for each one.
Sponsorship of the "Day of Hope" Idea Sana EROSKI and Intermon Oxfam organised a Solidarity Day to raise the awareness of the citizens of 46 Spanish towns regarding the disadvantaged situation of thousands of people all over the world. Over 235,000 people participated.

The commitment of the Eroski Group, as a cooperative company that contributes resources to society, and the Eroski Foundation, as a tertiary sector organisation, raises our awareness, and our Social Action campaigns cater for urgent needs, in addition to carrying out international cooperation projects supported by an annual call for subsidies. In 2003 we organised the .Yo colaboro. ("I'll help") campaign in favour of the victims of the Iran earthquake, printing pocket calendars which were sold for 1 euro, raising the amount of 48,592 euros.

Sadly, another urgent campaign had to be organised in 2004 to aid the South-East Asian victims of the tsunami disaster. On this occasion, apart from making a donation of 15,000 euros, we raised 119,500 euros at our centres between 26 December and 31 January as part of the "Special Tsunami Plan" in collaboration with the Red Cross. The funds raised contributed to sending cans of drinking water, first aid material and emergency services to the area, together with services for family locating and regrouping, rebuilding, empowerment for possible future disasters and economic development programmes.

We have also continued to work towards international cooperation since 2000, as well as with the contributions of the Eroski Foundation and the consumers on specific campaigns, creating stable collaboration programmes which are integrated within the commercial activity throughout our network of shops. To do this, we have carried out a variety of awareness-raising campaigns in our shops with the aim of promoting responsible consumption that will contribute to achieving an improvement in the quality of life of the least favoured people. Our Idea Sana EROSKI programme and Intermón-Oxfam have therefore collaborated intensively over the last few years in order for Fair Trade to take its place day by day in the family shopping basket. At the same time, we have reinforced these campaigns with the Idea Sana EROSKI schools at the centres and with the Idea Sana EROSKI magazine giving information on these projects and the related website www.ideasana.com.

Fair Trade is an alternative to conventional international trade. It is a commercial partnership seeking the sustainable development of less-favoured producers who are normally excluded from the market: a sustainable economic alternative for less well-off and more vulnerable populations.

The basic lines defining these products are the guarantee of a decent wage and gender equality of the producers, in addition to the quality and naturalness of their components, and environmentally friendly processing.

Fair Trade products available to customers at our centres are:

  • EQUITA cocoa spread 400 gr
  • EQUITA instant cocoa 375 grs.
  • EQUITA Natural ground coffee 250 grs.
  • AFRICAO hot chocolate powder 250 grs.
  • MASCAO organic milk chocolate 100 grs.
  • MASCAO organic plain chocolate 100 grs.
  • Organic black tea in palm basket

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