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5. A year of advances. Generating wealth and well-being

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Eroski endeavours to become a socially responsible organisation, contributing to the growth that generates social, economic and environmental wealth in order to distribute it jointly with members, workers and the community, and contributing to social well-being and the respect for Human Rights.

We become fully involved with our surrounding environment, and in 1999 we created the Eroski Foundation to guarantee a high degree of ethics, the provision of useful, practical information to the community and the support of social initiatives nurturing sustainable development. This is how we channel the participation of the Member Friend consumers who collaborate with our social action campaigns, which are part of the United Nations' 2015 Millennum Goals, as described in Annex IV below.

Our concern for people, managers and key figures, has enabled us to achieve and maintain the SA 8000:2001 Standard certification, commiting ourselves to the defence of and respect for human rights with regard to our suppliers, on whom we carry out periodical audits with a view to assuring progress in their staff policies and compliance with labour regulations.

Within the company we have developed different policies for conciliating work and personal life and we advocate the generation of stable, quality employment,which can be seen from the reduction of our temporary staff index.

We commit ourselves to the defence of the consumers, providing them with an offer of healthy, quality consumption,, guaranteeing high product quality standards and an extensive programme of education and information through the Consumer EROSKI magazine and the general Idea Sana EROSKI programme, seeking to encourage healthy, environmentally friendly and solidarity-minded habits in our consumers.

Our involvement with sustainable development has led to a committed environmental policy, with the application of continuous improvement criteria within the company and the endeavour to reduce the ecological impact of our activity while maximising the energy efficiency of our transport, redesigning routes, optimising the loading capacity of our lorries and using alternative fuels. We also participate in sector forums with the aim of reducing the emission of greenhouse effect gases and minimising our contribution to the Climate Change.

We have extended the promotion of environmental management to our suppliers using e+5 methodology, in collaboration with Fundación Entorno, in order to promote responsible action and adopt principles of respect for and protection of the environment.

Our commitment to Social responsibility means that we are an organisation working from a social perspective, participating in the main forums of debate and opinion. We are involved in process of defining social responsibility policies, we closely collaborate with NGOs and institutions in awarenessraising and aid campaigns, we back international commitments such as the United Nations' Global Compact and we work within the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs' Forum of Experts towards defining and drawing up a future regulation that will govern Social Responsibility in Spain.

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