4. A different way of doing things

Management of external commitments

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Our commitment to social responsibility is not an improvised or transitory policy. It is one of our most distinctive collective values as a cooperative company whose aim is to carry out an economic and social project in all the places it operates.

This project involves reinvesting 10% of the company's annual profit, and it is proclaimed and communicated to the entire organisation in the Code of Ethics as one of the main principles behind our actions. It is integrated in each of the areas and business units by means of the annual challenges and goals defined in each Management Plan.

More specifically, through the Eroski Foundation, we develop Social Action projects in accordance with the priorities established in the goals of the United Nations 2015 Millennium Declaration. We form alliances with non-governmental organisations so that the combination of knowledge and effort will led to greater benefits for the entire community.

This means across-the-board implementation of Social Responsibility policies, and we communicate these by means of the key indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative in our Sustainability Report, which is supported by our education and information programme, Idea Sana EROSKI. These indicators are managed internally by the Ethics Committee.

The Eroski Group was also one of the Spanish signatories to the principles of the Global Compact in 2002 and a founder member of the Spanish Global Compact Association created in March 2004, actively participating in disseminating it and extending its principles to other organisations. Our degree of implication has enabled us to become a permanent member of its Square Table, a dialogue forum bringing together companies, NGOs, Educational Authorities and Public and Social Institutions in order to define and design good practices that encourage fulfilment of its principles.

As signatories to the Global Compact, we inform society and our interested parties of our advances in fulfilling its 10 principles through a Progress Report, attached as Annex III of this Sustainability Report and also featuring in the official website of the Global Compact, www.globalcompact.org.

We also endeavour to extend our commitment as a socially responsible company to other agents in society. To do this, we attend the main forums of reflection and debate, where it is defined how social responsibility policies are to be applied as part of company strategies, and we also participate in the analysis of how the different countries should regulate these practices so that the veracity and transcendence of the actions communicated is guaranteed, e.g. the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs' Forum of Experts.

We belong to several consumer cooperatives, including Hispacoop, the confederation of Spanish consumer cooperatives, which acts as a consumers' association and a cooperative and business organisation.

Organisations we participate in:
· Global Compact
· Spanish Global Compact Association (ASEPAM)
· Global Reporting Initiative
· Board of Trustees of the Fundación Entorno
· Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs´ Forum of Social Responsibility Experts
· Federation of Consumer Cooperatives of the Basque Country
· EURO-COOP: European Consumer Cooperative Organisation
· HISPACOOP: Confederation of Spanish Consumer Cooperatives
· ICCO, International Consumer Co-operative Organisation
· Business Confederation for Social Economy
· Social and Economic Council (CES)
· Council for Promotion of the Social Economy
· Social Responsibility Commission of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Company Administration (AECA)
· Group for creating the Social Responsibility Guide of the Spanish Association of Standards and Certification (AENOR)
· Basque Association for Sustainability
· Spanish Consumer Council
· National Consumers´ Institute
· Basque Autonomous Community Consumers´ and Users´ Council
· Consumption/Company Observatory of the Directorate-General for Promotion
· CIOA - Inter-ministerial Commission for Food Planning
· Spanish Association of Large Distribution Companies (ANGED)
· Spanish Association of Commercial Coding (AECOC)
· UE Energy Advisory Committee

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