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3. Our Organisation

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We are a general consumer products and services distribution group and we aim for our products to be of top quality when they reach Spanish homes. We therefore guarantee the customer satisfaction commitment at all our centres.

Our ethical management requires measurement, control and continuous improvement through indicators establishing our relationship with all the groups of interest. This Ethical Management Principle is inspired on our values, which are set out in the Code of Ethics and common to the whole of our organisation:


The workers are the owners and key figures, and we consider Eroski as something belonging to us. We therefore feel directly responsible for its problems and successes, and they affect us in an immediate, personal way.


At Eroski we aim to encourage development, not merely professional development but personal development as a whole, because if a person develops they are also developing the organisation at the same time, and this expanding spiral of evolution results in social advancement. Our activity extends to the group of people who carry it out, and it has a major influence on both our immediate environment -which we have a commitment to improving - and on the development of the Community.


Eroski's genuine consumer service vocation means the consumer is the most important aspect of our business project, and we adopt a policy of transparent, two-way communication, with a commitment to defending the consumers' rights and interests and with the provision of safe, healthy, environmentally friendly products.


The active involvement of the workers in the project is the factor behind the origin and growth of our organisation. People are a guarantee of success for those to whom we gear our results and goals for improvement and advancement.


We consider that constant renewal and the continuous search for new options in all our spheres of action is an essential condition for both our progress as a business and for adequately responding to the expectations our activity generates in society and for our consumers.

The Eroski Group therefore defines the lines of action for its mission for the reference period of this 2003-2004 Sustainability Report as follows:

  • Providing solutions to meet the needs of the different consumers through constant innovation.
  • Creating a project and business model that will integrate people and encourage their personal and professional development.
  • Attaining leadership positions on the Spanish market.
  • Obtaining profits that will enable us to growand generate wealth, and distributing them within a framework of cooperation and involvement in society.
  • Contributing to an improvement in the quality of life of the community in which we work, committing ourselves to the defence of consumers' rights, concern for the environment and promotion of economic and human development.
In line with our main strategic ideas, the entire organisation is involved in a philosophy whose guideline for the decision-making process is Social Responsibility.

The entire organisation´s commitment to making ethical management part of the Management´s goals, including continuous improvement within the principles of Social Responsibility and checking it by means of indicators, has enabled us to obtain and maintain the SA 8000:2001 Standard certification. We are the firts distribution company in Spain and the second in Europe to obtain this certification.

Our activity as a socially responsible company develops our sustained commitment to respecting human rights and working with respect for de basic rights of the consumers, workers, suppliers and community. This commitment extends throughout the whole of our chain of values, bringing the entire organisation together in the application of Social Responsibility policies in all its areas and business lines, in order to contribute to the sustainability of the society of which we form a part.

The Eroski Group Management
Our progress in fulfilling our sustainable development goals.
  What we do How we do it 2002 2003 2004
Sales (thousands of euros) 5.121.582,12 5.203.771,86* 5.582.124,53
      Profit (thousands of euros) 89.387,23 108.394,48* 129.920,00
      Commercial network 1.955 1.556* 1.790
      Investment (thousands of euros) 271.815,06 509.304,56* 357.193,51
    Customer loyalty Nº of Eroski-Network card users 875.000 945.947 1.006.526
Nº of Friends of the Eroski Foundation 9.854 99.854 137.396
  Commitments Guarantees Nº of Certifications and acknow-
18 18* 19
    Confidence Nº of analyses and audits 5.379 7.374 8.824
  Healthy consumption Improving the quality of life Nº of participants in the Idea Sana EROSKI
activities (courses, counsellors, etc)
334.000 580.540 1.181.499
    Nº of issues of Idea Sana EROSKI each year   900.000 1.400.000
A driving
force in development
Agreements with
Nº productos locales 9.074 10.785 9.789*
  Promotion of
local products and culture
Proximity and
Nº of shops with regional sections 36 41 48
      Individual regional campaigns 13 13 13
A group
towards people
Nº worker members 13.079 10.868* 12.298
      Nº of consumer members 516.675 341.333* 356.590
      Level of participation on boards:
consumer members
9.793 7.419 6.864*
      worker members 7.985 7.297 7.727
* Data affected by Consum S.Coop. leaving the sphere of action of the Eroski Group.


Eroski Group Management
Our progress in fulfilling our sustainable development goals
  What we do How we do it 2002 2003 2004
A group
towards people
Quality of work Satisfaction Twice-yearly people satisfaction survey 3,27   3,34
    Belonging Hours of training 153.000 159.124* 246.390
Commitment to
the Environment
Recognition % Eroski Natur products with environmental criteria
Fruit and vegetables
      Meat 15,2 24,5 33,8
    Eco-efficiency Hypermarket energy consumption
(Joules per2and hour)
      Packaging consumption
(packaging/fresh sales)
      Waste recycled
healthy habits
Participants in environmental campaigns 32.500 85.560 211.200
      Participants in solidarity campaigns 121.250 240.000 345.500
    Involvement in
product life cycle
Nº of suppliers in e+5 programme 50 100 135
Social action
and solidarity
Social action Solidarity Social Action donations
(thousands of euros)
2.083,47 1.526,20 1.706,44
      Consumer-orientated campaigns
(thousands of euros)
4.485,73 5.138,47 6.021,18
  Activities with
workers and
Experiencing values Product donation programme 480.809 802.311 1.187.543
      Fair Trade sales 120.200 180.303 101.779*
* Data affected by Consum S.Coop. leaving the sphere of action of the Eroski Group.

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