Annex IV: Social Action and 2015 Millennium Goals

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As we act in accordance with the guidelines of the United Nations Organisation, our solidarity programme is set within the framework of the goals established in its 2015 Millennium Goals Declaration of 2000. These take the form of 8 principles to which governments should adhere in order to collaborate with sustainable development and better distribution of the world's wealth, and they are therefore a guideline for all companies which, like Eroski, wish to contribute to eliminating the FOREIGN DEBT of the lessfavoured countries, organising a balanced structure for INTERNATIONAL TRADE and pro viding OFFICIAL AID FOR DEVELOPMENT.

Due to their importance, the Millennium Goals are the guideline for Eroski's Social Action:

1.- Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger: Eroski conducts annual Product Donation (1,187,543 euros in 2004) and Fair Trade campaigns.

2.-Achieving universal primary education: Over the last 3 years, Eroski has promoted awareness-raising actions in collaboration with UNICEF for the education of girls in underdeveloped countries, as part of the "Back to School" campaign. Funds have been raised to a value of 60,000 euros.

3.- Promoting gender equality: Eroski grants micro-credits to women through an annual call for financing international cooperation interventions.

4.- Reducing the child mortality rate: Eroski collaborates with .Save the Children. and the Food Bank as part of the Accelerated Child Survival and Development Programme.

5.- Improving maternal health: Eroski is running Balanced Diet Programmes for its consumers and customers in collaboration with the Spanish Heart Foundation, the Diabetes Foundation, the Spanish Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists and the Cinco al Día ("Five a Day") Association.

6.- Combating HIV/Aids, malaria and other illnesses: Eroski collaborates on and organises awareness-raising campaigns with Médecins sans Frontières on a permanent basis.

7.- Assuring the sustainability of environmental resources: Eroski carries out public information and education activities at its centres and promotes protection of the environment through campaigns for recycling and encouraging an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

8.- Developing a global partnership for development: Eroski is a founder member of the Global Compact, and so in its business activity it is also committed to fulfilling principles which make it a socially responsible organisation.

In this way, Eroski, through the Eroski Foundation, carries out Social Action programmes geared towards sustainable development and the eradication of poverty. We are the first generation able to achieve this.

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