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Annex I: Correlation table with GRI requirements

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GRI requirement PAGE
Vision and strategy
1.1 8-9, Annex III                    
1.2 6                    
Profile/ Profile of organisation
2.1 4                    
2.2 8-9,24                    
2.3 30                    
2.4 23,30                    
2.5 24                    
2.6 12                    
2.7 25                    
2.8 14,51-52                    
2.9 14                    
Profile/ scope of report
2.10 4                    
2.11 4                    
2.12 4                    
2.13 4                    
2.14 11                    
2.15 N.A.*                    
2.16 N.A.*                    
Profile/ Profile of report
2.17 Annex II                    
2.18 31-36                    
2.19 N.A*                    
2.20 31-36                    
2.21 31-36 Annex II                    
2.22 4                    
Government Structure and Management Systems
Structure and Government
3.1 3                    
3.2 3                    
3.3 3                    
3.4 12,30-32                    
3.5 57                    
3.6 30                    
3.7 6                    
3.8 13                    
Commitment with interested parties
3.9 18                    
3.10 19-22                    
3.11 19-22                    
3.12 19-22                    
Global policies and management systems
3.13 32                    
3.14 374-79                    
3.15 38                    
3.16 70-72                    
3.17 52-54.66-67                    
3.18 *                    
3.19 31-36                    
3.20 47                    
Index of GRI content
4.1 Annex I                    
Economic performance indicators
Central EC1 10                    
  EC2 *                    
Central EC3 51                    
EC4 51                    
Additional EC3 51-52*                    
Central EC5 51-52                    
Capital providers
Central EC6 51-52                    
EC7 *                    
Economic performance indicators
Public Sector
Central EC8 51-52                    
  EC9 *                    
  EC10 52-54                    
Indirect economic impact
Additional EC13 52-54                    
Environmental performance indicators
Raw Materials
Central EN1 68-69, Annex III                    
EN2 Annex III                    
Central EN3 67, Annex III                    
EN4 *                    
Additional EN17 67,Anexo III                    
Central EN5 68, Annex III                    
Central EN6 *                    
EN7 *                    
Emissions, waste and residues
Central EN8 Annex III*                    
EN9 *                    
EN10 *Annex                    
EN11 69, Annex III                    
EN12 *                    
EN13 *                    
Additional EN33 40,71                    
Products and services
Central EN14 66, Annex III                    
EN15 *64                    
Central EN16 *                    
Adicional EN34 66-67                    
Social performance indicators
Central LA1 60                    
LA2 15,55-56                    
Additional LA12 62-63                    
Company/worker relationship
Central LA3 Annex III                    
LA4 19,22                    
Additional LA12 62-63                    
Health and safety
Central LA5 35                    
LA6 35                    
LA7 63*                    
LA68 Annex IV                    
Training and education
Central LA9 55                    
Additional LA17 62                    
Diversity and opportunity
Central LA10 60-61,Anexo III                    
LA11 Annex III                    
Human Rights. strategy and management
Central HR1 9,40,73                    
HR2 34-35, Annex III                    
HR3 34-35, Annex III                    
Central HR4 34-35, Annex III                    
Freedom of association and group negotiation
Central HR5 Annex III                    
Child labour
Central HR6 34-35, Annex III                    
Forced and obligatory labour
Central HR7 34-35, Annex III                    
Central SO1 32-54,76                    
Additional SO4 71-72                    
Central SO2 Annex III                    
Political contributions
Central SO3 12, Annex III                    
Customer health and safety
Central PR1 31-35,45-49                    
Products and services
Central PR2 48-49,52                    
Additional PR8 42-43                    
Respect for privacy
Central PR3 *                    

2.8 For further economics information the 2004 Annual Report can be consulted at www.eroski.es

2.15 Not applicable. Eroski does not draw up joint reports with other companies.

2.16 Not applicable. Although there are no significant changes on reformulating the information, in any cases where there are amendments to this effect, it is indicated in the text itself.

2.17 Eroski applies all the principles and protocols of the GRI.

2.19 There are no significant changes. Any amendment relating to an indicator is shown in the text itself.

3.18 No decisions have been made regarding the location or modification of the operations.

EC2 Spain is the only country in which Eroski carries out its activity directly.

EC7 For further information, the company's Annual Report may be consulted at www.eroski.es

EC11 Eroski promotes the sale of regional products in the areas in which it works. These acquisitions are made from suppliers in the surrounding environment of the centres.

EC9 Information available in the Group's Annual Audit Report, entered in the Commercial Register.

EN2 Numerical indicator not included.

EN4 Indirect power consumption data corresponding to electrical consumption for 2004: 22,741,118 J/m2. Data calculated in accordance with the GRI technical Protocol on power.

EN6 Eroski's activity does not affect habitats rich in biodiversity.

EN7 Eroski's activity does not have an impact on biodiversity.

EN8 Eroski's activity does not produce greenhouse effect gas emissions.

EN9 Eroski's activity does not use or emit ozone-depleting substances.

EN10 Eroski's activity does not cause any significant atmospheric emissions.

EN12 Eroski's activity does not produce any significant discharge into water.

EN13 Eroski's activity does not produce any significant discharge of chemical substances, oils or fuels.

EN16 In the period 2003-2004 no episodes or fines were produced.

LA9 Data expressed in terms of total hours of training.

LA11 The information on the composition by sexes of the Governing Council can be consulted in the Eroski Group Corporate Government Report at www.eroski.es

PR3 Eroski conforms to current legislation as regards this matter.

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