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Sustainability Report

4. A different way of doing things
Functional organisation

The Eroski Group manages and directs its main business, the distribution of general consumer goods and services for the home, from its main offices, with top-level management, functional offices and business management providing the necessary support for carrying out our activity.

The Governing Council is the governing, management and representative body of the Cooperative Society, subject to the General policy agreed on at the General Meeting. Its legal representative is the Chairman of the Governing Council and also the Chairman of the Cooperative.

The ultimate executive body is the Board of Directors, consisting of the Business Units and functional area managers. This Board elects the Group's Managing Director, whose appointment must be ratified annually by the Governing Council.

The management function is governed under the principle of free choice and confidence. The corporate values, which it undertakes to transmit, the operational practices and the management profile are specified in the Management Statute.

The Annual Eroski Corporate Management Report includes the ownership and company administration structure and can be consulted at our website

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