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Sustainability Report

During 2004 we made the decision to provide our visual identity and brand design with a new look, with a design based on the brand name EROSKI, in the interests of a more standardised image that will be more readily identified by the interested parties.

As a result, the internal structuring of the management and operation of each division is no longer significant for the consumers who already know us by our trademark: EROSKI.

The series of Eroski Group brand names is structured as follows :

Under the umbrella of the Eroski Group, wellestablished and expanding throughout Spain, we operate in different business areas that have been created on the basis of our knowledge of the food area and our close relationship with our consumers. We wish to satisfy their needs to the full, and with this in mind we have diversified our activities, both functionally and geographically, to include other complementary services.

The Eroski Group is also present in France with a total of 38 establishments. Our geographical distribution, which can be consulted on our website, is growing for all our lines of business and has reached the figures described in the summary of our commercial network:

Food distribution

This is the Group's main and most traditional activity. Our establishments cover a full range of shopping centres, hypermarkets, supermarkets and self-service franchises.

Our leadership as regards fresh produce, consumer information and value for money, together with the promotion of regional products, are some of the characteristics of our establishments which we nurture.

Also during 2004 we have made major investment in infrastructure and improvement of the services we provide, consolidating the process of development begun in previous years, particularly as regards IT systems and the logistics chain. The aim of this is to contribute to improving the satisfaction of our now over 200 million customers.

Branching out

The Eroski Group has successfully keyed in to the consumers' new trends and requirements, and we now also run a thriving line in travel agencies, perfumeries, sports shops, leisure and culture, real estate, service stations, opticians and stand solutions. All these services aim to complete our already wide distribution service in the food domain.

Viajes Eroski travel agencies are much more than just good prices. Our line of leisure and relaxation holiday travel agencies, with 207 establishments functioning in 2004, focuses its efforts on increasing the number of offices and restructuring its commercial model with a view to directly involving its customers in designing their own holidays. In this way we continue to offer a high quality product, recognised by the ISO 9000 and Spanish tourism Quality Q certifications.

Travel Air specialises in business travel and is characterised by its high degree of specialisation, transparent management and full international cover.

Perfumeries. At present the chain includes 172 points of sale, following the acquisition of the Aragon chain Dyper and Brisas, the leading perfumery chain in the Asturias region, and the great expansion effort that has given rise to the In Faradis chain. In 2003 this chain standardised its image and brand all over Spain.

Leisure and sport. We have a total of 31 shops plus a virtual establishment, whose shareholders include 56 sports professionals from different areas. Under the name of Forum and Sportland, located in shopping centres and city high streets respectively, these establishments offer multi-specialist sports products classified into 18 different departments.

Leisure and culture. A new style of shop specialising in leisure and culture, under the name of Abac and created as an appealing space with a non-sexist and non-violent recreational/educational and cultural offer for free time. It contains bookshops, stationers, educational toys, handicrafts, fine arts, music, multimedia and an activities workshop.

Services for the customers at our centres

Opticians. We now have five opticians providing personalised advice and eye tests for all our customers.

Service stations. We have 38 service stations in 11 Autonomous Communities, providing a quality product at more competitive prices. Their motto is fill up, pay and get on the road as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Online purchases: Eroski is now offering its food customers in Vitoria, Greater Bilbao and Pamplona the possibility of acquiring all the products normally on sale in a supermarket (over 6000 different products) through an online service at competitive prices and with a quality guarantee on both products and service.

Real Estate: This is a comprehensive service including notary transaction, registration and property structuring, an improved commercial service and a better purchase guarantee, with a wide range of possibilities as regards places, location and property format. Our real estate sales include promotions on the Andalusian coast, the Mediterranean coast, La Rioja, Cantabria, Burgos and the Costa Daurada, with a maximum guarantee of quality and professionalism at a very competitive price.

Solutions is the commercial space located within the Eroski hypermarkets of Artea, Pamplona, Abadiano and El Boulevard, offering contract products and services:

- Financial products: Mortgage loans and Personal loans.

- Insurance: Car, Home, Health, Life, Accident and Temporary Disability.

- Real Estate: Private promotions and housing developments both on the coast and inland.

- Issue of Eroski-Red cards. .

Own brands

The guarantee of food quality and safety for our own brand products, in addition to each particular product's compliance with intrinsic standards of composition and characteristics, is our philosophy for guaranteeing the consumers' rights and offering reliable, objective information for healthy, solidarity-minded and environmentally friendly consumption. The specific characteristics of our own brand products are listed on the packaging and labels and in information leaflets, aiding consumers to decide what to buy:

Eroski:Our own brand products include double-checked food quality and a safety guarantee as part of their characteristics. They also include our commitment to the environment and adapt to different situations, as we have expanded the general range to respond to society's requirements: non-animal tested personal hygiene products, eggs with Omega 3, special milk, Delta del Ebro rice, designation of origin wine, organic nougat, eco vegetable preserves, etc. So, we are working to cater for the basic needs of all types of customer with the guarantee and competitiveness that are our trademark, satisfying 6 million homes and deepening our commitment to top quality, health, useful information and unbeatable prices.

Eroski NATUR: This category offers consumers high quality meat, fruit and vegetables, guaranteeing an optimum product selection and striving for excellence of origin and taste. We offer 100% Spanish meat from farms with whom we permanently collaborate and with strict control of rearing conditions, and fruit and vegetables from the best integrated production cultivation areas, harvested at optimum ripeness and with rigorous monitoring of key standards to guarantee excellent taste. We also guarantee total traceability from origin right to the point of sale.

The brands Romester for sports material, Visto bueno for textile products and Ecron for domestic appliances and image and sound equipment complete the range exclusively sold in our establishments and for which we guarantee compliance with all the specific UNE standards.

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