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Sustainability Report

3. Our organisation
Company structure

We are a distribution group for general consumer products and services. The group was created in 1990 when nine consumer cooperatives joined forces. Through our different alliances with other companies, we have become a major distribution group bringing together companies from a variety of origins and conditions and which has achieved great expansion throughout Spain, sharing corporate values.

Today, other companies such as Supera, Udama, Vegalsa and Mercat have also joined our group, working in the supermarket format, and EROSKI is now the brand with the most centres in Spain.


Udama, a company totally incorporated to the Eroski Group, is the leading supermarket chain in the Aragón region, with over 54 supermarkets and 12 franchise establishments under the name of Aliprox.

It has also consolidated its position in Andalucía with more than 72 shops, including supermarkets and franchise establishments, making it a reference brand for the consumer in this region.


Supera, a subsidiary of the Unión de Detallistas Españoles S.Coop. (the Unide Group), has become incorporated to the group on a large scale with 49 supermarkets, enabling the expansion of our commercial network in the Community of Madrid and the regions of Extremadura, Castilla-León and Castilla-La Mancha.


Vegalsa, a family supermarket group with 182 establishments in the Galicia region, now bears the Eroski ensign with a participation of 50%.


Mercat, a leading name in the Balearic islands, heads the commercial offer in this area with 129 supermarkets, giving it a major share of the market.

In the international sphere in 2004 we consolidated an alliance with the French group Les Mousquetaires, thus taking our first step towards international expansion by becoming integrated with a joint purchase management platform with a view to the future joint development of skills and businesses. The Mousquetaires group has a network of 4,000 establishments in different European countries, positioning it as the second biggest distributor in France and the fifth in Europe. It is an outstanding negotiator with international producers, and has some 112,000 collaborators at present.

At the same time, we have been managing strategic alliances with a view to facilitating the integration of new members and thus consolidating our top world distribution ranking over the next few years.

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