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Sustainability Report

3. Our organisation
An organisatin for all us

The legal nature of the Eroski Group has marked our philosophy and identity since we first started out, setting us apart from the rest. Based on a cooperative model, it is structured on a peer-to-peer basis and has the following characteristics:

Owner/workers and key figures: The Eroski Group is owned by its 12,298 workers, and we are also the key figures in its management. Our share in the Group's capital, management and profits means we have a share in the project as a whole and are involved in running the organisation, receiving all the necessary in-company communication and training to be able to take part in the decision-making processes and perform our duties, always acknowledging each person's degree of autonomy and responsibility.

The consumer members: 493,986 people are Member Friends of the Eroski Foundation and they participate in education and information activities for encouraging a healthy, environmentally friendly and solidarity-minded lifestyle. They are independently involved in managing the organisation, and can take part in the decision-making processes and in gearing the business to meet their needs and expectations, receiving to this end periodical, accurate and transparent information on how all the areas and business activities are progressing.

Peer-to-peer running: The Administration Council is the ultimate management authority, and it is made up of workers and consumers, which guarantees compliance with the company's needs and expectations in the decision-making process. The participation of workers and consumers enables the sensitivities of both of these groups to be combined, and brings the group's strategy closer to its surroundings, including them for greater satisfaction.

Re-investment of surplus: We dedicate 10% of the profit obtained each year to social action and to activities for the defence of consumer interests and promotion of consumer rights, with a v

At the same time, social awareness and commitment to society have added a sense of responsibility to our relationships with our interested parties, which means establishing continuous communication channels and integrating their needs and expectations within our organisation's goals, in order to satisfy them and generate sustainable value.

To guarantee its transparency and management ethics, the Eroski Group's Corporate Government is based on three Codes of Good Government, known by and accessible to the entire organisation via the intranet. These are the The Statute of Directors and Council Members, the Internal Rules of Procedure and the Internal Rules for the Administration Council and Governing Council

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