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Sustainability Report

1. Sustainability Report

With this latest update of our sustainability report, we are continuing the work we began in 2002, consisting of providing information on the main actions we have carried out and the major indicators of Eroski's performance in the financial, environmental and social areas throughout the period 2003-2004.

Firstly there is a description of our organisational model, to help the reader understand how we act and ultimately to evaluate the results obtained and their contribution to satisfying the requirements of the interested parties.

Our aim is to give an accurate description of the commitments taken on with each of these interested parties, the fulfilment of these commitments, and the constant generation of value through the application of continuous improvement policies.

As we aim to make all our communication with total transparency of information, we would of course be most willing to clarify, extend, comment on or respond to any additional queries you may have. We also attach the validation report issued by AENOR, for consultation purposes.

Contact: Eroski Foundation

Tel: 946 211699.

This report contains a balanced description of the Eroski GroupĀ“s contribution in 2003 and 2004 to a more sustainable development of our planet. It has been drawn up in accordance with the recommendations of the 2002 Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines for sustainability reporting.

Further information from

All information not included in this document is duly justified in Annex I. In most cases this refers to indicators which are either not applicable given the nature of our activity, or were not available while this report was being drawn up, in which case we shall be certain to include them in future editions.

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